Tuesday, April 2, 2019

I’m Feeling Very Happy Right Now

I’m feeling very happy right now, very happy. It’s when you look inward and see who you are, well it sure makes for an interesting day, huh? It’s really interesting evaluating the archetypes I’ve created that are parts of who I am. The human imagination is an absolutely amazing thing, the symbols your mind creates that are an evaluation of yourself. I’m feeling very at peace right now, evaluating myself and seeing my kindness and my aggression, and coming to terms with the various aspects of myself. It’s quite an imagination I have, different parts of me represented by various archetypes. I want to be able to make people happy, let people be happy. I really like making people happy, because I want to help them. I just like helping people for some reason. Funny as how I can actually be very aggressive in defeating my enemies. I have an inner kindness and yet also an inner aggression. Humans are complex beings, billions of years of evolution creating vast imaginations of symbols.

A rabbit that loves helping people simply because he likes doing it even though he acknowledges it’d be easier to just transform into a dragon. Helping people and the desire to make people happy, simply because that desire flows through him and he just cannot stop thinking of ways to help someone be able to have a good day. A dragon filled with passion, a burning passion, a joyful anger at anyone he considers an enemy. Ready to fight, to fight for what he believes is right, and sometimes just to hunt an enemy simply for the joy of it. Two archetypes that I’ve created that are based on parts of myself. Well, I didn’t sit down and make them, as I evaluated my imagination I found them. Imagination is fun.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Why I Won't Have Children

By choosing to create life, my mother and my father caused suffering. I won't repeat their mistake.

Monday, December 10, 2018

How the Elite Popularize Psychedlics And Destroy Democracy

Over the past month I've been doing research into the topic of psychedelic culture, after noticing that the mainstream press seems to have done a complete 180 on the substances. I've never taken psychedelics but do acknowledge the psychedelic experience can be completely overwhelming-and useful to tyrants. If you start digging into the history of psychedelics in Western culture, the connections to the elites and fascists in their introduction to society is absolutely shocking. I am convinced that there are psychedelic agendas being pushed into our society to crush the resistance and destroy democracy. In this day and age democracy and basic human rights of freedom of expression, must be fought for. And psychedelics are being used as weapons to dismantle democracy. Ironically psychedelics are being pushed as ways to combat the war machine and bring freedom, but within the actual psychedelic culture, it's actually the exact opposite. Indeed psychedelics seem to be used to introduce things like groupthink and socialism in our culture, and thus we should be very, very concerned about the "psychedelic renaissance" and the surge of positive reporting on psychedelics in the media. With all the evidence psychedelics and even the counterculture were introduced into society by fascists, what's not to say fascists aren't creating all new pro-psychedelic agendas to control society?
  I'm not saying that psychedelic substances themselves are tools for tyranny, but they, and the culture, certainly are being used as such. With an air of a glorious "psychedelic renaissance" that will supposedly bring peace and treat mental illness and addiction, the actual therapeutic uses the substances may have in controlled and careful use notwithstanding, is it not out of the real of possibility that such boisterous developments are a smoke and mirrors for what's REALLY being pushed-psychedelics as elitist fascistic weapons used to destroy democracy and bring about fascism? With operations such as MK ultra, it's clear there is a segment in our population most hungry for complete power and control of thought, and quite often they get high positions, and who's to say the intelligence agencies haven't been continuing their research into mind control and using psychedelics for the same reasons they've brought them into our culture-for power and control? I suspect they very well have been continuing their mind control research and are using psychedelics as a part of their agenda. I'm not saying psychedelics can't be an amazing (but also very dangerous) experience, but be careful of buying into the various pro-psychedelic narratives going around that I strongly suspect are psy-ops used to control society.

The following video does a great job explaining my concerns better than myself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKhG90AtVGY

Monday, November 19, 2018

Drugs As Weapons and Racism As Political

I don't usually speak of politics but upon doing research on the dark side of psychedelics the pro-psychedelic crowd doesn't talk about, I found this podcast that seems to talk about the dark side of psychedelic substances has this article that details how racism can be institutional, not racist in the usual definition, and how the African American community has been exploited and deliberately targeted by the government: http://www.dosenation.com/listing.php?id=8836

I am not here to create racial tensions but to point out that yes, African Americans have been deliberately targeted by people in governmental power who were mostly white, not because they hated people because they were black, but because civil rights movements were a threat to their power. It's not about race but groups exploiting other groups for power. Drugs are dangerous substances, obviously, and they certainly can be used to destabilize groups. What was deliberately orchestrated against the African American community is absolutely inhumane and what both a lot of conservatives and liberals are doing are only making it worse. It is up for us all to fight against inhumane policies that destroy entire communities and engender tensions between races just so a few people can have more money and power. I've seen plenty of people of all the races who are good and bad. At school I had friends of various races and today when I go to the gym I see many different races working out together. Yes, Americans tend to be more accepting of races than a lot of other countries, but institutionalized racism that destroys entire communities is very real, and it is up to us to join together and help put an end to such things, and simple-minded "race-baiting" is only making it worse for us all. Although we the American people aren't the ones who orchestrated these monstrous acts, we have been manipulated into supporting them, such as Western governments invading and bombing the Middle East has fueled ISIS and religious fanaticism.

If you're wondering about me looking into the dark aspects of psychedelics, well I've noticed such substances have gotten very popular lately and there's almost an anti-rational psychedelic community convinced that such substances are the answer to everything, which I think points to a manufactured agenda. I may end up looking more into it and perhaps writing an article about what I find out about it but what I can say is there is evidence that drugs, and also psychedelics, were and are bring used to push social agendas and even destabilize movements and communities. We all know how bad drugs like cocaine and heroin are, but we also must acknowledge that contrary to the increasingly popular wisdom of how great they are, psychedelics are drugs that certainly can be abused and even used for agendas. I'd say the topic of substances such as LSD deliberately being spread for manufactured agendas is a pretty deep rabbit hole and something that goes against the current narrative of psychedelics being so wonderful, but the truth is the truth and I'm dedicated on finding out the truth. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and our society's increasing affinity for psychedelics sounds too good to be true and is only deluded at best, buying into manufactured psy-ops at worst.

As I like cartoon stuff, here's a comic made by a guy who cut open his own arm with a razor blade to put in heroin (Ellis Holly Chambers):
Quite a beautiful comic for a guy with morbid drug habits.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

People Have Been Conscious While Experiencing These Horrific Things:

Human consciousness is a fascinating and mysterious thing. But while it can be viewed as a wonder, is it not rather a burden in a lot of cases? You know, in cases such as:

*Starving to death
*Being eaten alive by a wild animal
*Getting shot
*Getting stabbed
*Being executed
*Being buried alive
*Getting raped
*Being forced to watch your own spouse or family get raped
*Witnessing a suicide
*Being used in medical experiments that involve pain tolerance
*Being tortured
*Catching on fire
*Being forced into an oven and burned alive
*Forcefully being used in government experiments
*Being beaten to death
*Being trampled by a mob
*Getting cancer and dying
*Getting a painful infection and dying
*Seeing your town be destroyed by a natural disaster
*Witnessing your country get invaded
*Being near an area where there was a nuclear blast and dying of radiation sickness
*Getting your eyes gouged out
*Losing a limb
*Witnessing the above

All of the aforementioned have happened to people, numerous times. Why would most people EVER deserve anything like this? The answer is, most people never deserve any of the above. It just happens and life goes on. That's the universe for you.

Before the Cat and the Mouse, the First "Tom and Jerry" Cartoon

Before the Tom and Jerry we now know and love of today (and who also star in weird direct-to-video movies where they visit Willy Wonka's chocolate factory) there were Tom and Jerry. Not the cat and the mouse but two guys named Tom and Jerry. They are now known as Van Beuren's  Tom and Jerry to avoid confusion. I've decided to watch the very first short that seems pretty good as Halloween comes very close. Truth be told it's actually not very good but is a great example of that early-30s cartoon creepiness. Released in 1930, the first Van Beuren Tom and Jerry short, Wot A Night, is, with it's crude animation, primitive sound effects, and choppy quality of the prints I've watched on YouTube, almost a stereotypical idea of a creepy and weird 1930s cartoon. But unlike the Fleischer masterwork Swing You Sinners it's not even very joyful in addition to being creepy and weird, it's just... creepy and weird. The pace is slow, there's really no buildup, the gags just come and go. Of course this was the year 1930 (can't wait to be there for Swing You Sinners 100th anniversary) and the animators were young and it seems just drawing random funny stuff, but Steamboat Willie from 1928 had better pacing and gags. I'm not trashing the cartoon, I did enjoy watching it, but yeah it's interesting to watch, but not a classic.

                                                          It's raining a bunch outside.

As is typical with cartoons of the early 1930s, inanimate objects suddenly come to life. Little did these young animators experimenting with a brand-new artform know that close to a hundred years and their deaths later artists would take a conscious inspiration from this style, such as the video game Cuphead and the artist Shawn Dickinson.

The two identical-looking guys Tom and Jerry are driving being visited by an eerie-looking frog whilst almost flooded. A great example of the random to the point of creepiness gags sometimes found in early 30s cartoons.

                                                   A pretty good-looking bat creature.

                                   The bat is pretty well animated compared to a lot of the cartoon.

                     A skeleton playing a piano causes a bunch of skeletons to get up and start dancing.

A rather uncomfortable racial stereotype. For those wondering, there will be no attempts at censorship of old cartoons and comics on this blog. It's hard to learn from the past if you pretend that certain, less admirable parts of it didn't exist. Like our own time it is important to acknowledge the darker aspects of the past and the mistakes of it and not just pretend that these fascinating cartoons weren't made by people who were above the bigotry of their time. While also acknowledging the good stuff that it had, such as for example, the wacky and inspirational cartoons of the time. But we must also learn from the darker aspects as well, such as uncomfortable racial stereotypes in these works.
                Tom and Jerry are now... skeletal? It's hard to tell what the joke is even supposed to be.

And that was Wot A Night. Not even very good, but still an interesting October watch. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

On My Blog and It's Weirdness

It's always nice getting to relax and spend time with your family and see the sunlight outside. My blog IS super cynical, but I'm actually a pretty happy guy. I just don't hold things back when it comes to explaining how chaotic and violent existence is. There is always a ton of suffering going on, there just is. Humans are born predators who love their precious political ideologies. I think it's best to point out how things are instead of a superficial optimism. This blog can seem a little weird with pessimistic philosophy stuff and old cartoon stuff, but I do enjoy those old cartoons and talking about them. I've wanted to have a blog talking about old cartoon stuff for a while but also wanted to discuss an evaluation of how things are, so this blog is both at the same time. Soon I'll do a blog post talking about an old cartoon, just my thoughts on it.

I've enjoyed writing on this blog and I think the theme of it demonstrates quite well the beauty and terror of life. All-out brutal honesty on things and the happiest artform, both at the same time. It's interesting looking at those old happy cartoons. They're about being able to ignore the chaos for a bit and just enjoy the short amount of time you have to be alive. Indeed it seems they almost delight in the chaos, as the characters fall down and the gags often involve someone getting hurt. Ah why am I getting philosophical with my love of old cartoons? They're just cartoons, after all.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my blog!